Peach Blossom Valley

(2002) Three panels: 37″ x 25″, 13″ x 43″, 13″ x 43″; stained glass residential.


A summary of a story by T’ao Ch’ien was provided to me by the owner of these panels.

A fisherman journeying along a stream reached a place where the banks were filled with Peach Blossom. There were fallen petals everywhere and a deep fragrance. The peach groves ended at the source of the stream where a spring came out of the hillside. Then he saw a narrow opening out of which a light shone. He left his boat and went inside. He reached a land where everyone seemed happy. The people all came to see him and question him. They said their ancestors had travelled there to escape from the empire of Ch’in and that no one had ever wished to return. They knew nothing of the dynasties of Han and Wei and were amazed at what he told them. He stayed for a while and before leaving they told him that nothing would be gained by revealing their existence.

When he emerged from the hill he took to his boat. He retraced his journey noting every turning. When he returned home he told about his adventure. He was sent with others to show them the route but it was lost. And no one ever found the way again.