Method of Working and Business Matters

Focus of my work

Each piece I make is commissioned for a specific client, and designed for that client’s purpose and architectural setting. In most of my projects I have worked directly with homeowners or business owners (for their offices), but I also welcome calls from architects, interior designers and builders interested in incorporating my work into their projects.

The process

Exploratory discussion

The process starts with an exploratory discussion with the client. I like to meet in the client’s home or office if that is feasible. Alternatively, I can study the architectural setting, and the client’s artistic and decorative tastes with the help of photos or plans. We also discuss any ideas the client has regarding the scope and subject matter of the project.

Design phase

If the client wishes to move on to the design phase, I require a non-refundable deposit. While I design, I take account of any suggestions the client has made regarding content or general atmosphere. I also consider what I have learned about the setting: lighting conditions, what may be visible beyond the window, and whether the client wants the view to remain visible or not. These are practical constraints within which I must work. On the other hand, I try to disregard the usual constraints of the medium (the existence of lead lines, convenient curves for cutting, two-dimensional format, etc.) I sketch a picture of what I have in mind, decide on form, color, and balance of the whole, and work out the placing and rough form of individual features. There are very personal touches in some of my windows, and clients’ interests have led to a wide range of subjects, style and atmosphere in my work.

I discuss the proposed design with the client. This may result in some changes. By this time I am usually able to quote a firm price for the work. If the client has already specified a project budget, this is taken into consideration during design.


When the design is approved and the price agreed, I schedule the fabrication of the artwork. A residential stained glass window measuring a typical 6 square feet might take 100 – 300 hours to build. I make the windows myself, or occasionally with a talented assistant. If the client is in the area, I welcome visits to see the work in progress.


The price of the work depends on an estimate of the time it will take to build and the cost of materials. Time is the major component. It is determined by the design and size of the work. Additional costs include shipping (insured), installation and applicable sales taxes.


I retain design copyright on all of my work.


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